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SINTEC UK LTD has undertaken the electrical installation of the Monorail System at Mai Dubai, for Swisslog ltalia.

SINTEC have delivered quality workmanship, showed good technical expertise along with flexibility of working to ensure a successful delivery of the project.

We look forward to continue working together on future projects.

25 June 2019

Carlo Braglia

Project Manager

Last year (2010) EISENMANN got the contract from Mclaren Automotive in Woking (UK) to build up a new Paint Shop for the Sports Car "MP4 12C". The very special requirement from Mclaren is to have a very nice and perfect looking production facility to show their customers how the cars will be painted and assembled. After the good experience with Sintec at the project Renault Aftoframos, EISENMANN found in Sintec UK the perfect partner to make the electrical installation at Mclaren. From our first meetings until the end of the project it was very pleasant to work with the professional team of Sintec. The special challenge in this project was to make a very nice looking, mostly invisible and beautiful installation. Several times during the installation we have to change our plans and we need new ideas to meet the "Beautification" requirements of Mclaren. Sintec never hesitated or complained to come after the very unusual requests and responded quickly to changes and helped us to organize additional material. A very difficult job was to find for all cabinets and cable trays the right position with Mclaren together. The complete floor at the paint shop is tiled and ali parts had to be aligned to the tile grid and fixed on the tiles. Our Site Management and Sintec updated permanently the amount of the requested manpower and Sintec reacted very flexible. Sintec did a perfect and great job and certainly this was not the last project together with Sintec

Wolfgang Kasper

Electrical Engineering Project Management

Dürr Systems has appointed SINTEC responsible for electrical installations of Ford Otosan project in Turkey, due to their expertise and special knowledge in electrical installation of Durr’s painting lines.

SINTEC has recently successfully completed the following projects for Durr:

Renault Tanger I - Conveyor Part
Renault Tanger II - Conveyor Part and Process Part
Audi Györ - Conveyor Part

Joerg Bayer

Joerg Bayer

Sintec UK Ltd carried out an Electrical Process Installation (circa f180,000) as part of our project to modify an existing paint shop at Bentley Motors Ltd in Crewe.

The project was difficult due to the lack of space and many programme changes but Sintec worked extremely well with our Site Team to keep their installation on track.

The quality of the final installation was excellent and we would be happy to work with them again on future projects.


Chris French

Buyer Durr Ltd